In general, there are 6 typical types of motorcycle helmet available in the market that you need to pay attention before you even start to search. Nothing would help you to narrow down the options quicker than understanding which basic type of helmet that you need for your riding experience.

Which one to take into buying consideration will depend greatly on how you would use your motorcycle and what you are planning to do while wearing a helmet. The following are 6 typical kinds of helmet that you could see on a motorcycle shop frequently.

Off road helmet

Off road or motocross helmet could be noticed by the sun peak and its elongated chin which stick out on the forehead. In general, it is made mainly for sport bikers with high intensity, so it would maximize the ventilation but is not suitable for using on the highway due to the lack of aerodynamic shape or proper soundproofing.

Dual sport helmet

Dual sport helmet is an attempt to integrate the qualities of off road helmet with those made for riding on the highway, which makes them a perfect choice for those who ride their motorcycles for different reasons but could not afford or simply do not want to purchase two separate helmets. However, it is pointless for those who don’t because a specialized helmet will generally perform better.

Full face helmet

Full-face helmet is the safest type, but it is also quite heavy and could be very hot in warm condition. As its name, this model will help you protect the whole face, including the jaw, which is usually left exposed with other types of motorcycle helmet. If you have a crash or accident on the road and fall to the ground, that protection of a full face helmet would be the difference between death and life. If I have to choose the best motorcycle helmets, then this is definitely my choice to feel safe on the road.

Open face helmet

On the other hand, an open face or three-quarter helmet will leave the face uncovered, which might allow the riders to have better visibility and provide access to their faces during riding so that they would adjust the glasses or say. The major drawback of this type is that you will lose protection in the area that is really vulnerable if any accidents happen.

Modular helmet

Modular or flip face helmet tries to combine the advantages of the previous 2 kinds. In general, it is designed with a chin bar which could be flipped up, which means that it could work as either a three-quarter or full face helmet, depending on what you want.

You could also wear a modular helmet while performing other activities such as talking, drinking, eating or taking photos. Basically, the flexibility is acceptable, and modular helmet is safer than a three-quarter helmet when the bar is down. However, it still looks relatively less sturdy compared to a full face helmet due to the presence of the hinge, which would weaken its structure.

Half helmet

A half helmet is even more minimalist, which just covers the back and top of your head. As a result, it will result in a quite light as well as cheap helmet, but this would definitely provide the least amount of protection. Many safety-conscious riders will want to stay sway from this type, and it is particularly not recommended for any new motorcyclists. If you still want to go for one, then a sturdy and good chin strap is necessary.

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