Good and Bad about a Golf Rangefinder

A golf rangefinder is helpful when you are playing a golf game, and it could help you to measure the distances to several points on a golf course. In fact, it comes as an independent device or as a software, which is equipped with other equipment. A golf rangefinder is better at setting up the distance to particular points particularly in comparison to the traditional ways of measuring the distance.

Using the best golf rangefinder is a good way for new players to improve their skills as they practice the game a lot to help you have a right direction on a golf course.

There are a lot of golf rangefinder version, but they almost fall into 2 main types: a laser or a GPS rangefinder. The followings are the pros and cons of those devices:

The pros:

  • A golf rangefinder is precise and provide the golf players with accurate distance measurement to the holes from anywhere during the golf game.
  • It offers a reading for any points of the hole.
  • Once you have bought a golf rangefinder, there are no extra expenses related to it.
  • A golf rangefinder provides you with a slope to the targets which is useful while you are playing a golf game.
  • A golf rangefinder is really affordable.
  • This device is very versatile and comes in the form of an application which could be downloaded from the Internet to a smart device such as tablet or smartphone, or even acquired for free price. In addition, there are also independent gadgets, which consist of a wide range of helpful features.
  • A golf rangefinder could provide you good statistics on your smartphone, hat watch, clip, or other smart tools. It generates a quick and necessary result during a golf game.
  • A golf rangefinder provides adequate information, which is especially useful for a new golf player. It could measure the distances to the bunker, any hazards or water. You also gain helpful information on the shape and size of the greens for better performance.
  • This type of device is useful for nearly all terrains of the golf course.

The cons:

  • The accuracy of a golf rangefinder is different from this device to another. Some models even do not offer a proper reading.
  • Not all types of golf rangefinder are helpful for all terrains of golf course.
  • Some models of golf rangefinder are really hard for a player to use.
  • You have to deal with some extra expenses to gain a precise reading of a golf rangefinder.
  • For some time, there could be time lag to measure the reading, and some golf rangefinders need to have the precise targeting to the aiming object.
  • In fact, you just get reading to object, which can be seen from your eyes.
  • Last but not least, you need a stable hand to use this independent golf rangefinder tool.


These are some characteristics of the golf rangefinder that you have to take into consideration. In addition, while you are using this tool, you have to pay special attention to the integrated software available. As a result, you will not have a rangefinder which is synced with a smart device such as tablet, smartphone or any other device.

As you can see, a golf rangefinder plays a considerably important role in supporting a golf player, especially a beginner, to have accurate distance measurement. The useful information above would help you to select a suitable golf rangefinder so that it would be able to support you to have a nice and far shot with precise measurement for the distances during a golf game.

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