Penny Board comparison

You are looking for a Penny Board but you do not have any ideas which one to buy? This useful comparison review would make it easier to make your consideration.

Which size to choose

Firstly, you have to be very clear about the board’s size. You would select between the 22 inch Penny Board and the 27 inch Penny Board (Nickel). The Nickel Penny Board is 5 inch longer and about 1.5 inch wider than the 22 inch (classic) Penny Board, meaning that it is more stable when driving and easier to direct. Nevertheless, it is a little bit larger and bulkier than the smaller board, but it is neither worse nor better, both types are great skateboards.

Which brand to buy?

If you have considered a particular size, then the next step is to choose the manufacturers of the Penny Board. Does it have to be the original of Australia Penny board which presumably provides the best quality on the market, is a famous brand and manufacturer, or is a Penny board from an intermediate producer with equal quality ?

For me, I personally use a 22 inch Penny Board of Ridge brand for about 60 USD, then make comparison with the original of 22 inch Australian Penny Board and can not see any true difference in either the process, even in moving behavior. Thus, I strongly suggest to all those who do not place so much value on the brand and would like to have the most favorable Penny board, either the 22 inch “Classic Cruiser” or the 27 inch “Large Classic Cruiser” of the Ridge brand, which are both very great cruiser boards. There you just get for abound 60 ÚD the smaller board or for about 63 USD the bigger one, which both could keep pace with the more expensive Penny board of Australian Penny.

If you would like to spend as less money as possible and still have a good Penny Board, you should take Penny Board of Eight Bit brand into consideration. It starts at only 34 USD, meaning that this board is incredibly affordable. However, it still have high quality and go mostly as smoothly as the more costly Penny Boards.

Buying decision

For those people who would like to have the original of 22 inch or 27 inch (Nickel Board) Australian Penny Board, it is still significant to notice that the manufacturer provides many various styles, which could have different level of prices. The 22 inch Penny Board starts at about 80 USD and the 27 inch Nickel Board starts at about 95 USD. The cheap Penny Boards 27 inch from Ridge brand are only available in various colors, but no exceptional designs like the Boards of Australia Penny. Nevertheless, the cruiser boards of both well-know brands are very great. I highly recommend choosing it for your personal use partly because they have like really cheap and affordable prices.

Suggestion and recommendation

For me, I personally recommend the bigger 27 inch Penny Board (Nickel Board), as it moves a little bit better and still offers a great size. Even though I use the smaller 22 inch Penny Board and I am very content and it could also be used for a longer distance without any limitation, but if I had to buy one Penny Board at the moment, I would certainly go for a 27 inch Penny Board. For the good price you will get good quality and a lot of pleasure. I believe the larger Penny Board is just a little bit better to move as it is small and handy.

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