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The best vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors helps to clean the house but itself contains a lot of dirt. In order to know how to clean a vacuum cleaner, you can refer some tips from my article.

Vacuum is an essential item in every house. The floor contains a lot of dirt from kids who always run around or from shoes soles that is covered by mud, from pet is in shedding season or even dead skin cells after shower. In addition, the carpet is very fast to be dirty. Therefore, in order to keep the house always clean and tidy, vacuuming is one of the most important tasks.

Just like any other electrical equipment, a vacuum cleaner will suddenly stop working sometimes. The repair of a vacuum cleaner cost quite expensive and you should not repair it by yourself as this can be dangerous. Therefore, the best way to maintain the vacuum cleaner is always clean it. There are some simple tips to help your vacuum cleaner running well all the time.

  1. Storage Wire

Wires are one of the most important parts of the components of the vacuum cleaner and it should be carefully preserved. If the main wire is damaged, it will likely cause a dangerous electric shock. You should always try to keep a straight wire to avoid tangling and make sure it does not get caught before you press the automatic roll function.

  1. Bag of Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum bags should be replaced regularly but most of us only replace it when necessary. Maybe you think that you can replace a bag when it is full to save costs but this will affect to the air circulation. As a result of that factor, the vacuum cleaner will be overheated. You should replace the bag as soon as it is filled more than half, or you can use a vacuum cleaner without bag to be easier to clean.

  1. The Accessories of Vacuum Cleaner: Membrane Filter Disposable Type and Recycling Type

One of the common reasons why you should repair the vacuum cleaner is the filter is clogged so cleaning this part is one of the important tasks. Some filters are disposable and you should replace them at least once time per year. Some types can be reused so you only need to wash it with warm water and a little of dishwashing liquid to remove dirt.

  1. Floor Brush

The floor brush of a vacuum cleaner is direct contacting part with the floor. It often has brush to clean all dirt on your carpet. To take care of the floor brush, you need to keep it from sticking cotton and hair. You unplug the power and turn head upside down, then you use scissors to cut cotton and hair in brush.

  1. Other Brushes

The vacuum cleaner also has other brushes.  These brushes are quite useful to clean hard reach places such as the sofa or curtains. Just like the floor brush, the brush head can be clogged by hair or cotton fibers so you should keep it clean. Similarly, you need to patient to clean dust on the top of brush by using scissors.

  1. Wheel

The vacuum cleaner with wheels can allow you to move around the house more convenient and it is easier to clean every room in the house. If the wheel is broken, you should fix it right away because it can cause scratches in wood floor or marble floor. The repairs will be expensive so you should take care of the wheel carefully.

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