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You should ensure some requirements of technical and the maintenance once an air compressor system is installed so that the machine will have longer time of usage. Moreover, when the machine gets some errors or some noise, it is not necessary for you to repair as the machine will not make these errors at all.

I. Environment of place to install the air compressor

You should prepare the suitable place to install an air compressor machine. The better way is to place the air compressor in rooms with the below requirement:

  1. The room is airy and light enough for the machine to work and be maintenance. The machine should be kept far away the around walls and ceiling fan for 1.1 meters. Moreover, rooms must have suitable ventilation doors.
  2. The temperature in room should not be so hot (<39 ° C) and dusty. The air compressor also needs a fan with higher flow than fan of air compressor.
  3. You should note to the light of the sun because the sunlight may impact on the increase of temperature.

If you make sure the above conditions, the air compressor will have less dust and rust. Moreover, the corrosions will process slower.  In case the quality of air is below the good standards, you should set up some tools to wipe an air filter. Some kinds of air compressor can make some movements on the floors. If you want to move to upstairs, you should have some safety guards in order to prevent the abrasion.

II. Some requirements about the installation of electric system

  1. You should set up a new system to provide the independent sources for air compressor. This will avoid the overloading status or unbalanced of 3-phase when it connects to another device. 3 – phase voltage has stable power and suitable voltage with the motor.
  2. You should choose the right cable of power that the machine required.
  3. Percent of outputs and motors have to be the same.
  4. You should check carefully to prevent leaking from gas or water pipes.

III. Daily tasks

  • Check safety of electrical system
  • Check the safety of pipe systems
  • When the valve is in its normal state, you should check its position, the opened output gas valve.
  • Turn on the machine’s equipment.
  • Turn on the air compressor machine and ensure the machine works as normal including runtime of start, how is the machine make noise when it operates, pressure of vapor, lubrication pressure, the atmosphere temperature and fully record of database.
  • After turning on the machine for a while, you should check level of oil. If the level of oil is low or below the limit, you should add more amount of lubricant to the machine.
  • When you see some abnormal signs, you should press “OFF” button. You only restart the machine after resolving all damages.

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IV. The important attentions when the machine is working

  1. Turn off the air compressor immediately when there is any unusual sound.
  2. Do not let the pipe loosen including bolts and screws. You should not close any valves when having pressure.
  3. Fill the oil if the oil level is pretty low.
  4. Operation of the machine should be suitable to the change such as system pressure, temperature system, pressure of different partial, level of oil and operation time.

V. Maintenances

Bunker is the important factor impacting on the operation of the air compressor. If the oil level is low, it will cause some damages of the air compressor. Therefore, you should use the special lubricant for the air compressor.

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